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September 12, 2010

Home Remedies

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Alternative medicine

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Alternative medicine; or medical and healing practices that fall outside of the realm of Conventional Medicine  (Western) has always been with us.  Legends of Shaman, Medicine Men and Healing Powers have been passed down from generation to generation.  Natural home remedies for a plethora of conditions and diseases, old fashioned and folk medicine remedies, natural cures and alternative treatments have been passed down throughout the generations. Natural herbs, fruits and herbal supplements are rapidly gaining the attention of consumers as they search for natural remedies and cures with no side effects. These treatments are commonly used now for beauty and skin care items such as acne, warts, anti aging and skin tags, as well as health conditions such as arthritis, gout, migraines, diet / weight loss and most other forms of healing.

Old home remedies are based on the premise of using the natural ingredients and constituents found in many spices, fruits, grasses and herbs to naturally treat foreign bodies, dangerous viruses and bacteria that are causing pain, inflammation, disease and damage to the body. Herbal remedies continue to increase in popularity.

In the last decade the interest in Alternative Medicine has increased to the point that 38% of American adults use some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine .  Worldwide the numbers are much higher.  People worldwide are rejcting the notion that expensive synthetic chemical and prescription medications are the only answer to our medical issues and treatment for our ailments. Instead, they are grapsing and utilizing the notion of natural remedies and home treatments to remedy common problems. For ages, modern medicine has been well aware that antibiotics strip the body of healthy flora and fauna known as probiotics and healthy bacteria, leaving people feeling drowsy, fatigued, weak and prone to allergies and further viruses.

Traditional medicine (Western Medicine) has its roots in Natural Healing methods, from practice to pharmaceuticals, the roots are direct descendents of ancient and folk medicine. The increasing interest in natural health practices, alternative and complementary (alternative medical practices that complement or enhance conventional medicine) have prompted the traditional medical community to look at how the conventional medical field could be enhanced by alternative practices.   The focus in Complementary Medicine is to combine mind, health and body, conventional and alternative medicine into a holistic approach rather than treating only the disease.  Natural home remedies are the culmination of the most natural form of self-treatment.

Arthritis Treatment : One of the most common problems that bug people nowadays is, of course, arthritis. This is a major problem that actually comes in a lot of different forms. If you do not know what arthritis is, it’s a disorder that actually causes the inflammation of your joints. Since we have joints all over our body, you can image that it can occur almost anywhere. In fact, arthritis actually means the inflammation of one or more joints. Most of the time, when you have arthritis, you will also have joint pain that goes with it. Join pain is actually called arthralgia.


Although we only have so many joints, there are actually over 100 different types of arthritis. As you can guess, that means that almost everyone can have some type of arthritis pain as they grow older. In fact, arthritis is the most common chronic illness in all of the United States. So you never have to feel like you are facing it alone.


If you think that you have arthritis, then you have a few things that you need to look for. The most common arthritis symptoms to look for are things like pain. This is a pain that is actually going to give you very limited function of your joints. You should also look out for inflammation. Most of the time, inflammation of the joints is going to come with joint stiffness, redness, and warmth of the joints. You will usually be able to notice that the joints actually start to swell. If they are inflamed, then they may be tender to the touch. Also, keep in mind that you can have arthritis in more than one joint at a time, meaning that you should always be on a lookout for arthritis in all joints.


If you want to see if you have arthritis, then the first thing that you are going to have to do is set up a sit down with your doctor. Most of the time, the doctor is going to go over some of the symptoms that you have come in with before. Not only that, but be ready to answer some questions about your body parts and the areas that you feel are inflamed. Las,t but not least, you may also have to take a few different blood tests, as well as urine and joint fluid tests. Sometimes you may even be asked to take an x ray test. All of this is going to be based on how bad your arthritis is.


Depending on how bad your arthritis is, there are a few different arthritis treatments that you can try. Finding an arthritis treatment for you is not that hard. Of course, there could only be a few things that work for you. It is really going to depend on the type of arthritis that you have. A lot of people like to try things like cold pack applications, splinting and, of course, physical therapy. Do keep in mind that sometimes you may need something more than just ice packs and whatnot. If your doctor thinks that you are going to need more than that, you might have to start taking medication. If worse comes to worse, then sometimes they have to go in and do surgery on your joints. However, that normally only happens if the arthritis gets so bad that you can not move. Most of the time, finding an arthritis treatment that works for you comes before you have to do surgery.

Home Remedies

If you are having bad arthritis symptoms and you want to find a natural arthritis treatment, then you can try some of these home remedies that we are going to talk about. In fact, home remedies for arthritis have been passed down for years and years. Most of these arthritis home remedies have actually stood up to the test of time, which means that they are pretty good. The first good home remedy for arthritis wold be the use of rose hip. This is a great herb that actually does a good job at relieving pain and, of course, strengthening the body tissue and your ligaments. A lot of people like to use garlic for everything, and there is a good reason for that. The reason is, garlic works for everything! In fact, making a garlic paste and applying it to your affect area (or eating it), can relieve bad joint pains. This is also a good way to increase your bone strength as well.


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