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September 12, 2010

Raising and Keeping Goats

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“There are many considerations to make before purchasing your first goat. I am speaking from experience as I tend to jump from the plane, then look for the parachute! This article contains the facts I have learned since the purchase of my first goat Honey at an auction. — Marianna, Serenity Lane

What You Need to Know to Buy and Raise Goats…

Goat Types and Popular Goat Breeds

The first step is choosing the right type of goat for your needs. Do you want a milk goat, a meat goat, a pet for the kids?

Young multi-colored goat kid.

There are many breeds available so make an educated decision and end up with a breed that suits your needs. Read up on the various types of goats available and their uses, as well as tolerances. Goats are not cheap to take care of, make sure they’ll be useful!

Best Bets for Buying Goats

A few good places to purchase your goat are local 4H groups, a nearby goat ranch, or a recommended breeder (animals from these three sources are usually very well taken care of).

When buying a goat from someone in this manner you are able to go to the home and observe the condition of the animal. Make sure they all look healthy and happy. Talk with the owner about any problems you should be aware of, current immunization records and the goat’s medical history or genetics.

Look the goat over with a fine tooth comb — literally — goat lice are very easy to spot and you don’t want to infect your other animals at home. Lice are easy to get rid of but the medication can be costly, better to have the seller take care of any lice issues before you purchase! If you are buying an older goat make sure their bag sits well and has a healthy tone.


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