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September 13, 2010

How to Make a Sock Doll

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It is easy to make dolls from old socks. These cuddly fellows can be made large or small just by using different sized socks.

There are so many varieties of socks to choose from; big woolly work socks, fuzzy socks, nylon socks, bright colours, pastels, stripes, geometrics.

Vary the buttons to create a unique doll; try rhinestone buttons, animal shapes, flowers. There are eye buttons which can be purchased.

For little ones, larger dolls with embroidery is usually advised as buttons can come off and be dangerous.

For older children, by using children’s socks, these buddies can travel in pockets or tote bags. Make a family of dolls of different sizes or start a collection. Wonderful for loot bags and stocking stuffers.

Cut the bottom (not including the heel) of the foot of the sock in half. Use the toe piece to make arms. Cut the remainder of the foot up the middle to the heel to form the legs. With the sock inside out, stitch as shown in the diagram to form the arms and legs. Sew the arms to the body. Turn the sock inside out and stuff the body with batting or with old, clean nylons.

To make the neck, tie a bow of yarn of ribbon above the arms. Place balled-up stuffing inside for the head (It is advisable to make small gathering stitches first and draw tight). Make small gathering stitches at the top of the head and draw tight. The remaining sock can be rolled down to form a hat.


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