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September 13, 2010

How to Make a Wooden Spinning Top

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Decide what size top you would like, figure out the width of the top and choose a block of wood that is that size or only slightly larger. On the top of the block make a mark in pencil in the center. Repeat and make a mark in the center on the bottom of the block.
Put on gloves to protect your hands as you work with the wood. Get out your carving knife. Start in the middle of the block of wood and round out the center to form the top shape and diameter. At the top of the block, carve away chunks until you can form a straight cylinder in the middle to spin the top with. Carve away at the bottom of the block to create the spinning point. It should be similar in shape and length to the top part but have a curved tip that comes to a point.
Use a sander to smooth the wood and create finished soft and smooth edges. Use sandpaper to smooth the hard-to-reach areas and especially the pointed spinning edge and round section of the top.
Dip a paintbrush in wood glaze. Carefully cover the top completely in a thin coat of glaze. Allow it to dry for half an hour. Then apply a second coat of glaze. Allow it to dry for an additional half hour before using the top.

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