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September 17, 2010

Old Fashioned Egg Drop Coffee

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An old-fashioned manual coffee grinder.

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Egg drop coffee is an old fashioned way that coffee was made. It was a good way to make and get the coffee grounds to stay at the bottom of the pot. The egg would catch the coffee grounds and make them settle on the

bottom of the coffee pot. Egg drop coffee is still a great way to make coffee. It can be especially helpful when your coffee pot unexpectedly stop working and you are in need of a cup of coffee. Egg drop coffee is a very tasty coffee. You don’t really notice the egg in it when you are drinking a cup of egg drop coffee. Egg drop coffee can be a great coffee to have when you have company since egg drop coffee can be a good conversation with your company.

To make egg drop coffee you need an egg, enough coffee for up to ten cups and a pot or old enamel coffee pot. You can really use just about any container that can heat up water and is safe for consumption. It is best to use one egg for 2 through 10 cups of coffee. A tablespoon of coffee grounds can make one cup of coffee.

Take the coffee grounds for as many cups of coffee that you want to make up to ten cups and put them in a cup. Crack open the egg and smash the egg shell and put the egg into the coffee in the cup egg shells and all. Take a spoon and mix up the egg and the coffee mixture so the coffee grounds are mixed up with the egg. If the mixture is dry you can add enough water to make a wet mix with.

Boil enough water to make the amount of coffee that you are making grounds for. Add the egg mixture into the water when the water is at a full boil. Stir the mixture until the egg and coffee grounds are well mixed into the water.

Let the water with the coffee and egg in it sit quietly for a couple of minutes and then pour a cup. Make sure when you pour egg drop coffee that you pour it gently so the coffee grounds stay at the bottom of the pot. If you are good at pouring coffee you should be able to get most of the coffee out of the pot without ever having the grounds in the cup.

The egg should hold the coffee grounds together at the bottom of the pot of coffee.


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