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October 18, 2010

Things Mother Use To Say

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Ludwig Richter – The Housewife

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I was born and raised in the north by a Mother from the south. She was as southern as it gets. Old wives tales and sayings unheard of were common in my house. Here are just a few.

“Don’t whistle  at the table” It conjures up the devil.

“Never open an umbrella in the house” It will bring death to someone in the family.

“Don’t sew on Sunday” God is watching you.

“Don’t bite your fingernails” They will puncture your intestines.

“Never swallow gum” It will harden and block something.

“Don’t make fun of anyone” You will reap bad luck.

“Plan on being a good housewife” Only girls who can’t find a husband work.

“Always cook more than you need” You never know who will come by hungry.

“Always iron your sheets” You will sleep sounder.

“Clean your kitchen first” People always look at your kitchen.

“Don’t swear” It shows your lack of the English language.

“Try not to get to friendly with the neighbors” They will always want something.

“Take a covered dish to the new people moving in” Let them keep the dish for good luck.

“Let the baby cry” He needs to strengthen his lungs.

There are so many, I still don’t sew on Sundays.



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