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December 9, 2010

Directions for Making a Greenhouse |

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Wash and dry your soda bottles, removing all labels and adhesive. Discard or recycle the caps; you won’t need them for this project.


Poke the blade of your utility knife into the center of each bottle. Cut the bottles in half widthwise, so you have a bottom and a top. Fill the bottom of each bottle with about 2 inches of sand. This helps with drainage later.


Cut your seed flats into square sections of four wells each, using scissors to snip the connecting plastic between wells. Fill the wells with soil and poke your finger about ½ inch down into each well.


Place a seed in each hole and cover it with soil. Place each square of seed wells down into the bottom of its own bottle. Water the wells with about a cup of water for every four wells.


Match up a bottle top with each bottle bottom. Slide the cut edges of each bottle top down into the bottle bottoms. The edges of the bottle tops should touch the seed wells seated in the bottle bottom.


Set your bottles in a sunny, temperature-controlled area. The bottles surrounding the seed flats will contain heat and moisture, creating a warm, humid atmosphere for your seeds. You may cluster all of the bottles together on one table or set them around your home. Just make sure all of them remain warm and well lit.

via Directions for Making a Greenhouse |

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